Professional Freediving.

Based in Dahab, Egypt in cooperation with a global network of world class Freedivers. Individualized and personal training for every level with 16x German National Record Holder Stefan Randig 



Stefan Randig

The network of was founded by German Freediver Stefan Randig with the goal of providing education, opportunity for quality training and an exchange of knowledge, not only in a single location but worldwide. 

Stefan started freediving in 2006 and has since then accumulated extensive experience by teaching full time and organizing some of the world's biggest and most successful depth competitions such as the annual "Asian Freediving Cup". In 2012 Stefan co-founded Freedive Panglao in the Philippines which continues to excel as one of the most renowned Freediving schools in South East Asia.  

He is still an active competitor and with every year continues to move the depths of the German National Records into the darker shades of blue. In 2017 Stefan became the first German Freediver to reach the 100m depth mark in the discipline of Constant Weight. He is currently ranked within the international top 10 of the combined depth disciplines.

Courses & Training


Molchanovs and AIDA Freediving courses of all levels. From Beginner Introduction up to Instructor Development. For certified or experienced Freedivers we offer personalized training sessions and Base Training programs.

Global Availability

Contact us for workshops, courses or Freediving events that we can bring to your location!



Specialized programs covering topics relevant to the depth disciplines. On a regular basis in cooperation with some of the world's best Freedivers.


Your progress is our goal. We go beyond teaching and providing safety but aim to help you overcome challenges and perceived limitations.

AIDA Instructor Course
Professional Freedive Training
What we offer:
Stefan Randig
Join us for tailor made training sessions that suit your individual level of diving, from beginner to expert! Every session includes in-detail analysis of your technique and diving style. 
Enjoy reliable safety and professional set up so your focus can be on diving only!  
Choose from one of Dahab's prime Freediving locations:
Lighthouse Bay
Dahab's Lighthouse Bay offers comfortable and convenient training conditions for depths up to 40m. A beautiful reef and a charming promenade along the shore make this dive spot even more attractive.
      1 person: 40 Euro per session
        2 person: 30 Euro per session
        3 person: 25 Euro per session
Blue Hole
The notorious spot that made Dahab the Mekka of Freediving. Prime water conditions for deep diving down to 90m depth make the Blue Hole a favourite playground for top Freedivers from around the world.
        1 person: 50 Euro per session
        2 person: 40 Euro per session
        3 person: 35 Euro per session

Contact us for special offers like training in combination with taking a course as well as long term deals (+10 sessions)

Private Online Coaching

Improve your diving, structure your training and discuss the latest developments in freedive training from the convenience of your home!
The only prerequisites to join our Online Coaching Sessions are a minimum entry level Freediving certification, a stable internet connection and your motivation to become the best Freediver you can be!
We offer guidance on topics like:
  • CWT

  • CNF

  • STA

  • Mouthfill Equalization

  • Dry training

  • Stretching

  • Training plans & Periodization


Private Session (1.5 - 2 hours online): 45 Euro per session



in Dahab, Egypt

AIDA International Freediving
Molchanovs Freediving

Whether you are looking to start your Freediving journey, build up on skills you already learned or take your diving to a professional level... Take a course that will open doors to new techniques, with focus on your progress, fun and safety!

We offer Freediving Courses sanctioned by AIDA and Molchanovs. Feel free to contact us for advice on which organisation will be best suited for you!

  • Molchanovs Wave 1 / AIDA 2 - Beginner

The foundation of recreational Freediving in pool and open water is built in this course. Learn all the basic skills and understand the theory behind them to start your freediving journey in a safe and fun way! 


           2.5 days / 250 Euro


  • Molchanovs Wave 2 / AIDA 3 - Advanced 

This course is all about building up on the basic techniques and finetuning your existing skills. Learn how to Freefall, improve your Frenzel equalization and know all about different concepts of training. 

           4 days / 300 Euro


  • Molchanovs Wave 3 / AIDA 4 - Master

This course will change the way you dive! Learn new advanced techniques of equalisation, how to train and simulate depth safely, coaching and caring for other divers and much more. A Wave 3 / AIDA 4 Freediver is a qualified assistant to an Instructor, so it's the first step towards becoming a professional Freediver!

          5 days / 370 Euro


  • Molchanovs / AIDA Instructor Course 

Learn to pass on your passion for diving by becoming a Freediving Instructor. Being part of the organisation, Presentation skills, teaching techniques, structure of Freediving skills, business, risk management, those are just a few of the many interesting and important topics covered during this intense but very rewarding program.

Contact us for details about Instructor Crossover Programs!

           8-10 days / 1.100 Euro




Lighthouse Bay Dahab Egypt
Blue Hole Dahab Egypt
Online Coaching with Stefan Randig


1. August 2020

As global borders are slowly starting to open up again, we are very happy to announce that Stefan will be running Freediving Courses, Coaching and Training in Dahab, Egypt from 1. September! We hope to see you!  

27. June 2020

Stefan is featured as guest speaker for the Netflix Docuseries "Home Game". Check out Episode 3 which follows some of the best Freedivers of the Philippines!​

20. June 2020

As many countries are still under lockdown and traveling to our favorite freediving locations is mostly still impossible, we are now offering ONLINE CLASSES! Stefan Randig will be running Private Coaching as well as Instructor Level Crossover Programs! Contact us for more info!

12. April 2020

Freedive Panglao will be organising a "Post Quarantine Static Competition" with official AIDA ranking in Panglao, Bohol (location tba) 2 weeks after the lift of the community quarantine. Contact us directly for more information or visit the Facebook Event Page

3. April 2020

Due to the global ​COVID 19 crisis and the resulting restrictions we are forced to cancel further projects within the next 2 months. We will be back to training and running courses as soon as possible!